overseas sales specialty for business merchandise made in Japan!

Adelaxe Co., Ltd. We are a distributor in Japan.

We are sure that it will be very advantageous for your business.

We are offering Japanese business products to buyers all over the world. We can possess many benefits. It is our hope to expand your sales content with quality assured Made-in Japan products and make your business more advantageous.

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Our main features and advantage

Offering commodity value
We think that we can offer not only to the product its self but also the value of the product for the buyer’s easy to do sales activities. Products of several manufacturers, each in small lot, we can offer to you.

We will look for merchandise for you.
Please be assured even if we do not deal with the merchandise you are looking for now. We will look for merchandise on your behalf and propose to you.

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We will provide you business products.

We will not only offer you our existing handling products, we will search and suggest on behalf of you even products that we are not handling at this time.

a image of Japanese craftman as a content We will provide you business products.

image of the content We will provide you business products

About transport

You are assured of the quality and safety of the transaction with us.

Under the cooperation of experienced shipping companies, we are conducting trade activities that buyers can trust with peace of mind.

We have lots of experience that we delivered safely the several products.

We will support your sales activities.

It does not matter if the item you want to sell is not the item you were offered by us, though. We will help you to make that sales advantage.
Specific contents are as follows.

image of the content We will support your sales activities

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Message from the President

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Adelaxe Co., Ltd Japan

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