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This website (Made in Japan boasting worldwide! From Adelaxe) aims to provide wholesale high-quality and reliable Japanese products that will be your strength in your business.
Adelaxe Co., Ltd. is a distributor in terms of the position, we can provide various Japanese products regardless of product genre.
We are are a distributor who is entrusted with wholesale offering outside of Japan by them under the sales contract with Japanese producers and manufacturers.

1. Purpose of this website

(1) Contact point for selling sample products

We sell products as samples to try you out a small amount of goods at first.
For that reason, there is a case that we can not receive the request only “just want a quotation”.

If you judge that it is advantageous for your business through a trial of “sample item”, please make an “official order”.
In addition, when you make an “official order”, you should have a sales contract with us.

(2) inquiry counter of sales contract

Let’s discuss enough the quantity of goods required, your budget and delivery plan etc in your business.
We will prepare formal quotation and sales contract etc. And, we will take priority on those who had already tried out our sample products.

(3) About the difference between “ordering sample item” * and “official order”

As these relationships are as mentioned in the preceding paragraph.
As you know, the contents of the sample item and the contents of the official order may not always be the same.

Let’s say there is kind of 30 instant soups in all.
We sell 10 kinds of them as one set as sample items.
If you make an official order after trying this sample item, you do not necessarily need to select the same type as the 10 types included in the sample. You can choose from 30 kinds of them.

And MOQ setting method may be different for each product. The minimum value to be a reference is “quantity” or “purchase price”.

* Although it may be expressed as “sample item” or “sample product”, both have the same meaning. Thank you for your cooperation.

2. price and charges

(1) retail price

We display the retail price that is sold (marketed) in Japan in JPY. This is for reference for your selling.

(2) wholesale price

The wholesale price (the price we offer to you) is not clearly displayed within this site. This is because the price changes greatly depending on the quantity you would like to. If you want to check the wholesale price, please inquire from “RFQ”.

However, only about the price per item for MOQ, you are easy to calculate. The calculation method is to multiply the “WP – coefficient” specified on the product page with the numerical value of the “retail price JPY” I mentioned. As a result, the wholesale price (reference price) per item is calculated in USD. This is a just way to know “wholesale price quote” only as a guide.

For example:
15,000JPY × 0.006 (WP-coefficient) = USD 90.00 / pcs ( pack, box … etc)
* This is the wholesale price per item when official ordering with MOQ.
However, It is not necessarily same as real MOQ price, so if you want to check the wholesale price, please ask us via “Contact Us” button.

(3) MOQ

MOQ is set for each product, and it is displayed on each pages that introduce the product.
There are cases where the content of “Minimum” is decided by “quantity” or “purchase price”.
Since this depends on the product, please refer to the product page.

(4) WP-coefficient

This coefficient is specified on each pages that introduce the product.
It is our unique setting so that you can understand wholesale price (as a guide) immediately.
Please note that this factor may fluctuate due to major changes in the exchange rate and the convenience of producers or manufacturers contracted by us.
Since we are reviewing this every month, we recommend that you periodically check it.

(5) About shipping


The buyer (importer) should decide for shipping methods and shipping company that is able to enter and depart the port in Japan or keep contact with Japanese shipping company.
The company you designated, Please let us know them.
* We will take shipping methods on the stipulation Incoterms.

shipping cost etc, all cost involved in trade

Shipping fee, insurance premium, customs clearance fee, tax, fuel surcharge etc, other all of the costs related to trade are at buyer’s (importer’s) expense regardless of sample items or official orders.

3. About ordering sample items

After the official order has been decided, we will refund the price of the sample item.
>> “3. About official order”

On this site, it is for buyers with BtoB as the main, and no retail sale is done.
We can provide sample products at a lower price than the retail price for buyers who want to check the products first.
You can order from the “Sample Order” button.

  • Due to the nature of the product, there are products that are not eligible for offering as samples.
  • You have to agree with “TERMS OF SERVICE ABOUT SAMPLE PRODUCT” when you would like to order the sample item.
    The content is stated in the email we send to you (“Notification about your purchase amount”) after you have completed the “Sample Order” procedure.
    If you want to check its contents before you “Sample Order” please contact us from “Contact Us”.

(1) About sample price and order

We offer samples for a fee. However, when campaigning, There is case it will be provided free of charge.
You can use sample order as many times as you like. However, since it is basically set to be more expensive than the MOQ price, we recommend an official order as soon as possible.

Regarding the ordering of sample items, you can proceed with “Sample Order” listed on each product page.

(2) shipping method

We deliver to you by “Door to Door” with “international parcel” or “EMS”. However, depending on the importing country, the raw materials and products regulated are different, and you should inform us of the regulation content of your country in advance.

(3) Notification about your purchase

When you complete the procedure through “Sample Order” listed on each product page, we will send you an email with the title “Notification about your purchase” as a confirmation before we charge you for the price.
* Sender’s email: supplier@adelaxe.jp

The contents of this mail are as follows.

Subject: Notification about your purchase

  • order number
  • Billing amount and its breakdown

When you confirm your order contents, please be sure to check the contents of “TERMS OF SERVICE ABOUT SAMPLE PRODUCT”.
* This is an almost same role as “Terms of Service” which is always installed in web shopping.

Please access “TERMS OF SERVICE ABOUT SAMPLE PRODUCT” from the mail body link and select “ACCEPT” or “NOT ACCEPT”.
* We can offer sample items only in case of you selected “ACCEPT”.
* If you have selected “NOT ACCEPT”, I would appreciate it if you could let us know the reason and discuss with us.

(4) Sample order procedure

The procedure of ordering sample product is explained in an easy-to-understand manner in the diagram.

>> Please click on the diagram for details.

4. About official order

The “official order” we are talking about means ordering in quantity ( or purchase price ) MOQ or more and to sign a SALES AGREEMENT deal with both party.

After the official order has been decided, we will refund the price of the sample item.

If you would like an official order, please let us know by e-mail ( supplier@adelaxe.jp ). I will send you a proforma invoice (Quotation). For detailed progress, we will email you an explanation, after you send us an email requesting an official order.


5. Payment method

(1) Payoneer

We will send you an invoice by email as “adelaxe” through Payoneer.
You can do payment by accessing the Payoneer website listed on that email.

Payment method is mainly credit card. Please assured even if you do not have a Payoneer account, you can still do the procedure.

If you want payment methods other than credit cards through Payoneer, please check with Payoneer by yourself.
Payoneer seems to differ in terms of payment methods other than credit cards depending on the country that uses it.
>> How to Pay a Payoneer User via the Billing Service by Payoneer

Alternatively, you do not need a credit card if you use “Western Union” we will explain later.

(2) PayPal

We will send you an invoice by email as “株式会社エイコー *” through PayPal.
You can do payment by accessing the PayPal website listed on that email.

Payment method is a credit card. Please assured even if you do not have a PayPal account, you can still do the procedure.

* “株式会社エイコー ( Eiko Co., Ltd. ) ” is a group company of Adelaxe Co., Ltd. Incidentally, Adelaxe Co., Ltd currently has procedures for acquiring a PayPal account. 2017.11.24

(3) Western Union

This payment method does not require your credit card. You can pay (make a remittance) at the nearest Western Union counter.

But, it seems that the Western Union is for personal transactions rather than using it in business as a recommended method.

For that reason, there is a case that the payer and the payee may be required to trade on the name of the individual.
Or, there is a case that we may be required to present invoices and sales contracts etc in case of business use.
Conditions to use Western Union seem to be different from country to country, so if you want to use this payment method, we recommend that you check the conditions in advance at your nearest Western Union.
>> Western Union

We are able to send you a sales contract and Quotation (document with transaction amount displayed), so please let us know when you need it.

(4) Other payment methods

The above (1) – (3) that I mentioned are suited for small transactions.
In the case of an official order with a sales contract, which is anticipated to exceed 1 million yen in Japanese yen equivalent, etc., both parties need to discuss them and decide “the payment method” and content of a “sales contract”.

Message from the President

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