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Kitchen knife

包丁~Japanese Kitchen knives

A real kitchen knife that combines tradition and modern technology

A product that inherits the tradition of swordsmith from 670 years ago.

We achieved quality essential for knife which is the feature of Japanese sword, “It will not break, does not bend, it breaks well” by contemporary technology such as cutting edge shape (clamshell shape)· sub zero treatment · special welding process.

We are developing products aiming to create cutting tools that are easy to use, sharp,and long lasting to meet changing life style. Today, it produces cutting tools for home use, leisure use, etc. It is widely used in the world as well as in the country.

Put your name by laser

You can insert a black letter by laser marker

Handling type – Clam blade –

It is finished in a claw that is the shape of a Japanese sword.

Excellent sharpness and its sustainability are guaranteed.

Also, sharpening can be done easily.

Heat treatment is sub-zero treatment, it is safe and it is not easy to break/.

Stainless steel integrated kitchen knife SANTOKU knife 17cm

It is an ergonomic design.

It is less tiring to use for a long time, it is a gentle form to a rounded person.

From the blade to the handle, creating a flowing line, finished in a form with a sense of unity.

The stainless steel integrated type is an image of a Japanese sword pattern.

Because there is no gap between the handle and the blade, it is made difficult for water to soak.

It is a functional Cool Taste handle that is hard to slip.

It is mainly used by professional chefs.

Damascus steel Chef’s knife Gyu-TOU 20cm ( Double – edgede )

“Damascus” method which emerges like a wave pattern by sharpening stainless steel materials in tens of layers.

I added an elegant curve to the linear form leaving Japanese style.

The handles are dimensioned considering ergonomics, so it is designed to be very easy to hold.

Since the flange and the blade are united, there is no gap between the handle and the blade, so it is made difficult for water to soak.

I used stainless steel that does not rust inside the steering wheel,so the inside of the steering wheel does not rust like the conventional one.

Recommended for those who say “Do not care about weight or prefer heavy knives”

GYU-TOU 24cm ( Double – edgede )

If you use kitchen separately for each ingredient, you can cook deliciously without smell moving to other ingredients.

To make it easier to understand more, the color of the handle is expanded in five colors.

I made the shape into a familiar western style, and it was designed with simplecity but ease of use taken into account.

It is used by professional chefs.

Aluminum Japanese knife Sashimi Knife 27cm ( single – edgede )

It is a Japanese knife that adopts stainless steel material that is strong and sharp and sharp for rust, which can be easily cleaned even for people who have Japanese knife for the first time.

Japanese kitchen knives with less frequent use at home will make the most of the unique stainless knife’s unique characteristics.

customer’s voice

I inherited the tradition of the Japanese samurai sword.

Guarantee the sharpness of the withdrawal group and its retention.

Sharpening can also be done easily.

It is loved by not only Japan but the world.

Japanese samurai sword
… We have passed the tradition from generation to generation.

These items are produced by “Seki Kanetsugu”. They have passed the tradition of Japanese samurai sword from generation to generation.
Nowadays we bring this tradition to our kitchen knives, and are beloved not only in Japan but also throughout the world.

Kitchen knife Item list

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