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The instant foods we offer are mainly made with “Freeze Drying Method”. And, all products are not included “chemical seasoning”. This is the taste of the material itself is made use of, and you will think that it is very tasty enough to think that this is not an instant food.

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History of “potage”

“Potage” is French, and it refers to soup in general. In French “po” means a pot, meaning to simmer ingredients in a pot and make a bouillon. In France,the thick soup is called “potage lie”, and the clear soup is called “potage clair”. On the other hand, “soup” is English. Originally European cuisine. These had been called pot dish simmered with meat and vegetables and bread, and also called bread like rice porridge that became soft with fruit wines or apple cider. The 15th century, the thick soup came to be called “potage” in the United Kingdom etc. “Potage” is a word meaning that it is contained in a “pot”. In addition, in the UK, they are refer to potage the soup made by simmering several ingredients. Based on that word “potage”, a dish called “cereal porridge” was born. And, “soup” and “potage” were not classified in the UK but currently, the ways to call became that “French cuisine soup” is called “potage”. because the word “potage” is French.

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There are various kinds of soup. And “No chemical seasoning additive” is common to all soups. Rich soup and light soup that is easy to take, are very popular in Japan, and among them, there is soup for vegetarian and for allergies. We are offering many products not only “delicious” but also products that care about your health. We support your busy life and your health.

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