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We wish a good relationship that will not change even with you 10 years later.

Hello, this is Toshi Suzuki who to be responsible for your contact person.

Regardless of any inquiries, I will respond to you so that you can understand.
Please feel free to contact us.

Actually, I am not good at speaking English, but I will put my heart into making happiness with each other.

I would like to be a good relationship with you more than anyone thinks so else.
That’s my concept. Thank you.

“We wish a good relationship that will not change even with you 10 years later.”

Best Regards,
Toshi Suzuki

One “Contact Person” is just enough.

Hello, our company is Adelaxe Co., Ltd. Japan. We are a distributor who deals with overseas transactions with each manufacturer in Japan.
Even if you are looking for merchandise of multiple genres, I’m sure it is possible for us to offer all the products to you with only dealings with us.

If you are looking for products of multiple genres, would you like to contact the manufacturer for each one even knowing that you are inefficient?

On your benefits to using us

  • We can cut “time” and “effort” for you to contact each manufacturer one by one.
  • We can solve the problem about “MOQ” and “shipping method” which different with each manufacturer.

Especially for you who are looking for multiple kinds of goods, we have a mechanism to solve that.

Please take the Japanese taste “FUZEI” together.

“My heart was beating so fast!”

It feels so when you are going through “green” to see the way of that soft sun.
If you came to Japan, is not it something you felt this way?
Haven’t you ever felt this way, have you? , so when being in Japanese shrines and temples etc.

However, I am Japanese, but it has brought me the feeling that “My heart was beating so fast!”, when I first saw the ‘Nara daibutsu’ (Great Buddha of Nara).

At such this moment, you were able to feel the “real value” and “importance of your purpose” that you came to Japan, right?
You were surely able to feel the Japanese feeling “FUZEI” in the body.

We do not simply offer inexpensive products to buyers, but..

we continue to offer the true value of these products and to make efforts to get you to know.

“Everything is not necessarily a good product because it is made in Japan”

To tell the truth, there is a case that even the manufacturer may not recognize the value of its own product. We are tied up only with manufacturers who can put souls into products their own.

Summary – Our True Advantage for buyer –

  • We can offer you all value of the product by a high spirit of study on behalf of the manufacturer.
  • We have relationships with various manufacturers. Among them, some companies manufacture the same products.
  • We can propose products that are close to your request after comparing manufacturers from various viewpoints such as “price”, “MOQ”, “commodity value” and “quality”.
  • Currently, if we do not handle the product you are looking, we can offer the item to you looking for the manufacturer.
    Of course, we will not charge any fee to find a manufacturer.
    * As of 2018.3, we were also able to obtain new transaction results exceeding 1 million yen only by such a way.

welcome! We are Adelaxe 20170911

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Toshi Suzuki
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Greeting to you