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Soy sauce – 200 years history- produced by Fueki soy sauce Co.

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What do you think advantageous about “Japanese food”?

… Tasty something you have not tasted so far? … Japanese quality?

Collaboration with producer

We have signed an overseas sales agreement with “Fueki Soy Sauce” which is a brewery of soy sauce with a history of 200 years of establishment.

Relationships and circumstances

Both “Fueki Soy Sauce brewery” and “Adelaxe Co., Ltd” have a location of Saitama Prefecture, and each company has a neighboring relationship.

We can reduce the delivery cost by going directly to the brewery to purchase products.
For that reason, we can reduce the offer price than other items we deal with as well as we can listen to the talk directly from the craftsmen of the brewery.

What you can listen to directly from the craftsmen of the brewery means that you can not only understand directly the information of the brewery but also the things as below.

  • characteristics of the product
  • to put thought into the product by the craftsmen
  • traditional techniques
  • Activity report on brewery

… etc

“Does this food made… by whom?, where?, how?…”

It means you can respond in fresh information to such consumers who have surely interest in.

We can provide you with this information also be updated each occasion.
Can’t you feel the business advantage about that?
I’d appreciate it if you could feel that.

* Saitama where Adelaxe and Fueki Soy sauce Co are located is the neighboring prefecture of Tokyo.

Concept & Message – To buyers looking for soy sauce –

“Fueki Soy Sauce” has “200 years” history.

We can not know Japanese tradition and soul with the soy-sauce that is completed in only a matter of days with metal tools and machines.

We are making the soy sauce containing craftsmen’s soul with “wooden tub” and “human hand” over the years.

Now, does “the Japanese food” that the world is looking for only mean “tasty something you have not tasted so far”?

We can not understand the traditional Japanese technology and the “taste” by only well-known cliches very well.

Also, the era of selling just by the fact that it is “made in Japan” is over.

In order to support the big trend of “Japanese food boom”, high-quality Japanese seasonings are required.
And now, not only the quality and taste but also the elements of the “story” related to that Japanese food are required.

In particular, “soy sauce” is one of the representativeness of Japanese culture, where the tradition of Japan and the soul of craftsmen protecting it are included.
And it is the just reason for living for craftworkers who want to have all of you know about that. “It’s only seasoning, but it’s still considered important.”

We feel that is not the only one, considering the situation of “Japanese food boom”.
In addition to the taste, the answer is “taste that you can feel the craftsmen’s soul”.
And what is most important is that we should try to convince consumers to get “an inquisitive nature” through the facts that support its deliciousness.

“for official order”

Product information ~ various soy sauce made by FUEKI Soy Sauce

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For inquiry about an official order

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… Adelaxe Co., Ltd. Japan

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Message from the President

Message from President 20170911

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