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Soy meat ~ for vegetarian or for Improvement of your dietary life etc

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These look like meat but not meat.

We have many foods for vegetarians and vegans that can be easily cooked.


Soy meat recipe

These are not containanimal / seafood ingredient“, “MSG (Monosodium Glutamate)“, “Preservatives“, “Artificial Flavor” at all.

Soy Meat Cooking Example

Although it is said “for fried”, it is not necessary to fry.

Soy meat without using oil

Please do not worry!

All products are vegetarian compatible (not “animal”).

Soy meat is versatile food that can be utilized for various dishes depending on you.
For example, there is also soybean meat suitable for “deep-fried” here. The finished state is surely the “deep-fried” you see well.

Although it is said “for fried”, it is not necessary to fry.

Just add your favorite flavor, it will be delicious if you warm it with hot water and warm it in a microwave.
There are many people that love the fried-chicken in Japanese.
This is a product not only as the materials making delicious the dishes but also for the people who are careful direction and health of vegetarian.

* This picture said it’s made by heating in a microwave for 3 minutes. Besides this, it is said that it is delicious even if stir-fried without using oil.

Example of how to cook soy meat

for creative cuisine

The “minced soy meat” also have great acceptance in its easily to use.
Compared to “Soy meat, for deep-fried”, these items are suitable for creative cuisine, because the size of one piece is small.

Examples of cooking patty using soy meat
for “Soy meat patty”

Examples of cooking pasta sauce using soy meat
for “Soy meat Pasta sauce”

Examples of cooking Japanese SOBORO rice using soy meat
for “Soy meat SOBORO Rice”

“Soybean meat” does not use animal raw materials or oil, but is it really delicious?

There are many Japanese people who love fried food are saying like that.

These items absolutely amaze them.
That’s just the “Soy meat”.

It was created by the developers who had be making long-standing efforts to sympathize the people who are called “food critic in Japan” without using any livestock such as pigs, cattle, chickens or the like at all.

We would like you to taste the deliciousness of this soybean meat that is enough not lose to any real meat.

“No animals such as cows, pigs or chickens are used in all our soy meat products.”

We are also making efforts to support the eating habits of vegetarians and vegans. So that you can eat deliciously and eat at ease.

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