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Raw enzyme + Yeast × Brown Rice Koji for DIET

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Samples for sale

We are selling small quantities as a sample at following.
To make your business continuous and advantageous, please try this sample product out first. You can take purchase procedure with “sample order” below.

Plant fermentation extract

It is made over time with fermentation recipe using traditional Japanese “pot”.
We are fastidious about this extract. This extract is made from high quality materials.

There are over 100 kinds of materials such as wild-grass, fruits, vegetables, seaweeds in materials.
That is just “every grace that exists in land and sea”.

product No.60

Raw enzyme

This enzyme has been purified without “heat treatment”.
This ingredient is blended in this product a lot.
The advantage of this product is that the enzyme, which is the “protagonist”, is not heat-treated.
For this reason, many users realize the efficacy

Brown rice koji

This brown rice koji is made from rice in Japan. It is characterized by strong activity of the enzyme which decomposes proteins.


This product contains brewer’s yeast with various nutrients balanced well.
Moreover, it is also suitable for people who aim for dieting, but also for people who aim for health maintenance.

Recommended for these people!

  • Those looking for simple diet support
  • Those interested in beauty and health
  • If you are interested in the latest materials

Recommended daily intake

It is a small tablet you can take easily.
Moreover, it is OK with taking only 1 grain per day. Even if you are “lazy”, you will surely be able to continue. We also added plant fermentation extracts using more than 100 kinds of wildflowers and fruits and finished it into easy-to-drink tablet type.
Please consume at a rate of approximately one per day with lukewarm water.

GMP approved thorough quality control system

By following the GMP sanitary standards closely, we assure a safe and high quality product. Our factories follow strict sanitary rules. Anything from outside, including ingredients and materials are cleaned in an air shower. Our production staff are required to change into protective suits, wash their hands thoroughly, and air shower before entering the clean room.

product No.60

About purchasing this sample

price: US$ 17.84 ( 1 packs / set )

* In that case of 100 pcs, the unit price is US$ 9.82
* This is “product No. 60“.

* User’s Guide

Carton’s information:
  • Gross weight: about 0.8 kg / set
  • Size: ask us
  • You can check the approximate shipping fee on the following website.
    >>> “JAPAN POST“.
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The retail price in Japan

1,944 JPY / pcs

Raw materials

botanical fermented extract (including wheat ・ milk ingredients ・ oranges ・ apple ・ peas ・ kiwi fruits ・ bananas ・ yams, ・ soy ・ cashew nut ・ sesame), powdered brown rice koji, dextrin, yeast, powdered monascus, mango ginger extract, lactic acid bacteria Milk ingredients / cellulose, fine silicon oxide, calcium stearate, enzyme, zein

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