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“Health care” series – For your better life –


In Japan, with an increased attention on beauty and beautiful skin, and the increased life expectancy and the aging of the society, the health food and supplement market is growing every year. In 2015, the estimated market value in Japan was ¥1.5785 trillion. It is expected to continue growing, and it is estimated to grow to ¥3.5 trillion. Globally, the market value was $1.098 trillion in 2013, and it is expected to reach $1.798 trillion by 2020. A unique character of this market is that many people make purchases repeatedly, thereby becoming habitual consumers, and the majority of the consumers are over 60 years of age. The consumers will continue to become more knowledgeable, and will make educated choices. Only the competitive products and strong health food companies will be able to survive in the upcoming future. Therefore, sellers must also become knowledgeable and cultivate competitive products. Do enter the health food market, which has a continuously increasing demand, as quickly as possible!

Are Japanese products safe?

While Japanese nutritional supplements may seem dependable, in Japan, they are considered “food,” rather than “medical product.” Unlike the United States, there are no laws regulating nutritional supplements, such that some products falsely list their contents, and worse, there are bad products on the market. Make your selections by knowing the manufacturers you can trust and the data based facts that you can rely on.

GMP approved thorough quality control system

*GMP is short for Good Manufacturing Practice

In order to find a safe and good “nutritional supplements made in Japan”, it is easiest for you to confirm that the manufacturer has received a “GMP certified”.GMP stands for “Good Manufacturing Practice”. “Japan Health and Nutrition Food Association”, a corporation recognized by the administration, supervises this authorization.

We are a GMP certified factory.

Our hope is to have a safe supplement-life for everyone.

GMP and the production from the receiving of raw materials, In all of the process up to shipment, the product is made in safety, is a manufacturing process management standards to ensure that a certain quality is maintained.

Three goals

  • 1.To minimize human error
  • 2.To prevent contamination to the health food
  • 3.It defines the requirements for ensuring the quality

“Health care” series – For your better life –

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