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Green tea “Matcha”

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From a place “Mikawa-region” noted in connection with the “Ieyasu Tokugawa”.

This Matcha is exclusively for cooking made in Nishio City.
EVERGREEN” is our Matcha product’s name for cooking exclusively.
This product is not used any coloring agents, chlorella and other food additives.

Nishio city is located in central and southern part of Aichi prefecture (region called “Mikawa” ), which is one of the biggest matcha production areas in Japan.
It is blessed with a temperate climate and fertile soil, which is the best Matcha produced in Japan.
In 2009, it was recognized by the Japanese government (the Patent Office) and became famous throughout Japan as “Nishio-Matcha”.
And also,”Mikawa”, it is famous as the place of history of “Ieyasu Tokugawa” which is the general of the Edo period.

Nishio Matcha

Natural green color of Matcha lasts for long period dramatically!

Our Matcha products are used many companies in “food business” such as “Major food manufacturer”. Especially, “EVERGREEN” of our item has a very good reputation.
Bakery factory, Cake shop, Restaurant and so on.
This product contains the trust built by “Nishio city” which is one of the three major production areas of Matcha in Japan, and the passion of producers constantly evolving.

inside of a Cake shop
Cake shop

in side of a restaurant

display cabinet of a bakery's inside

in side of Bread factory
Bread factory

Do you knowKit KatMatcha flavored?

Sweetness and richness and elegant bitterness spread gradually in your mouth.
That chocolate, which was inspired by people around the world, is now one of the tastes symbolizing Japan.

By the way, what do you think of the following things?
If vivid green like “KitKat” is expressed only by the raw materials of Matcha and if that elegant taste never deteriorates, would not you think that it is a very high manufacturing technology?
By all means, please check the ingredients that are written in the package “Kit Kat Matcha”. Is there only Matcha written in there?

Our Matcha is an excellent Matcha not only for drinks but also for processed foods.
Our item “EVERGREEN” is particularly excellent for processed foods, the raw materials is the only Matcha and green tea. Chemicals and additives are not used.

… To make your business continuous and advantageous,

There are techniques for making Matcha based on Nishio’s tradition and patents obtained from the Japanese government.

Nishio City has finally obtained the “geographical indication” in March 2017 from the MAFF (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries) after long years of achievement for matcha production.

We deal with various Matcha products for drinks and cooking. There are 3 types of powder, paste, or liquid.

… Can “cheap Matcha” enrich your business?
… No, it is not.
If you started a business with “cheap Matcha”, you can not escape from that way anymore. There are many cheaper Matcha sellers, so it should become a result of that your customers will cheat on you with cheaper Matcha sellers someday.

We are sure that this “Nishio’s luxury matcha representing Japan” will continuously make your business more advantageous.
We would appreciate it if you spread the beauty of Japan’s “Wabi-Sabi * ” to your country.
* Wabi-Sabi is traditional Japanese beauty.

We are selling small quantities as a sample.

To make your business continuous and advantageous, please try this sample product out first.

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