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The technology AQUA OASIS H2 cannot be seen by other products.

“AQUA OASIS H2” is introduced “patented hydrogen water generation technology”.


“What is the content of that technology which “AQUA OASIS H2″ has?”

Most of the Hydrogen water machine product other than AQUA OASIS H2 are adopted “Electrolysis Method“, which means “water directly touches the electrode“.

By doing this …

  • 1) Metals may dissolve in water.
  • 2) There is a possibility that the water quality changes to alkaline by “1)”.
  • 3) As used, the electrode plates in the electrolytic cell are exhausted, the electrolytic capacity drops, and the quality of hydrogen water decreases.
  • 4) “3)”, it is necessary to replace the electrolytic cell or the electrode (which will probably require replacement cost).


The hydrogen-water production technology adopted in AQUA OASIS H2 is “Separation Electrolysis Method“.

This is the method that “water does not touch the electrode directly” different from the “Electrolysis Method” explained earlier.

  • Most of the hydrogen water generators commonly seen in the market is “Electrolysis Method”
    Therefore, water directly touches the electrode.
  • AQUA OASIS H2 is “Separation Electrolysis Method
    Therefore, water does not touch the electrode directly.

As you can see to compare “Electrolysis Method” with “Separation Electrolysis Method”,
It is no longer needless to say how much you can benefit from the technology that “water does not touch the electrode directly”.

This is a method that can be achieved by patented technology and it probably cannot be seen any other products that adopted this method, except for AQUA OASIS H2.

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