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Premium Strong detergent ACE&STAR&SHINE at reasonable prices

SHINE & ACE As a role of each of these products, “ACE” applies to places where oil stains are severe, after it has sprayed to the dirt, wash the whole with SHINE using a washing machine. If it is ordinary dirt (new oil stains such as dirty on that day etc), you can thoroughly drop dirt by simply washing the whole with “SHINE”. If you are doing work that is soiled with oil, there may be many times when it should not be ordinary dirt. So we recommend that you purchase SHINE and ACE in one set. STAR This product is a “soak washing” detergent, with an emphasis mainly on dropping bad oil stains. There are A and B. Both of them are necessary for this washing. Soak the garments soiled with oil, immerse them in water, pour either A and B, place them for a while, then wash them with a washing machine. Oil soiling is cleanly dropped. We will recommend trying all products first Not all of these items are necessary for you. However, dropping all the oil stains involves the goodness of compatibility between detergent and dirt. So there are cases when STAR can drop dirt that cannot be dropped by SHINE and ACE. And the reverse situation may happen. We think you should ascertain directly whether your detergent that is compatible with that oil stain is “SHINE and ACE” or “STAR”. Therefore, we recommend you to try all items “SHINE”, “ACE”, “STAR”.      About these products details, you can see at Alibaba.com in EIKO. Thank you. Best Regards, Toshi Suzuki EIKO Co., Ltd. Japan Adelaxe Co., Ltd. Japan


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