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Power detergent removing the urolith

This product can dissolve yellowish dirt adhering to the toilet and remove it strongly. This property of the product that the special active agent promptly penetrates into the urine stone dissolves the calcium salt make it possible to peel off the urine stone causing yellowing, dirt, the odor of the toilet bowl. Using cheap detergents is not a cost reduction. It is rather inefficient and you will pay extra expense. Because the detergency of the cheap detergents is so preponderantly less than our products one. Even though detergents with no cleaning ability are very cheap, will you buy it? If you buy it, it is the same as throwing money away. There are 2 types of this product, 4 kg type and 20 kg type. The retail price of 4 kg is JPY 10, 800, and 20 kg is JPY 43,200. For you who would like to use it for business, we will discount 35% from this price. Please feel free to ask us. Thank you. >> Contact Us >> Catalog’s page


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