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About RFQ via Alibaba.com

This guide will be for buyers who have used “Request for Quotation” on “Alibaba.com” you are registering as a member. Hello, this is Toshi Suzuki who to be responsible for your contact person. EIKO Co., Ltd. Alibaba.com We will add the explanation about the contents suggested to you via Alibaba.com this time as follows.

About the price:

* The currency displayed here is JPY. *If you understand this item price (or the item price is decided by further discussion), we will submit to you a formal estimate ( Quotation ) with its expenses and handling fee etc other than the item price added. The currency of the price stated in Quotation is USD. * If you would request us the Quotation of the total amount, please inform us of the following contents. ・company name ・Street address ・ Your nearest port for import

About Us:

We are managing “EIKO Co., Ltd” and “Adelaxe Co., Ltd” as suppliers, and registering with Alibaba as “EIKO Co., Ltd”. This page you are viewing now is Adelaxe Co., Ltd’s one, but these two companies are group company. There is no difference in the offer price for you between these companies. And there is no inconvenience for you this may cause. Please rest assured. If you would like to know more about the relationship between “EIKO” and “Adelaxe”, click here. Thank you.   Best Regards, Toshi Suzuki. EIKO Co., Ltd. Japan. Adelaxe Co., Ltd. Japan.


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